Doxa Global Gospel Centre Youth Fellowship ministers and inspires the young people majorly on;

• Personal and spiritual growth.
• Being active and participating responsibly towards realizing their personal goals and visions as well as the corporate church mission.
• Living as disciples of our Lord Jesus Christ in the World.

Our youth fellowship programs give the youths opportunities to participate in evangelism spiritual growth and Christian leadership. Also, our youths events provide;

• Safe, loving and wholesome atmospheres for young people.
• Varieties of worship experience that help young people get spiritually lifted and connected with God.
• The youths with the opportunities to become positive and stand firm in their faith in the midst of negative influences in the world today.
• Activities such as interactive talk shows, games, craft and sports. Such activities create the platform for the youths to work together, share and learn the values of team work.

Get in Touch

We always love to hear from youths who are trying to discover their faith. Feel free to drop in or contact our youth team during our worship hours.


Sunday 10:00am – 1:00pm

Wednesday 5:00pm – 7:00pm


Address Winston Churchill Street, Abuja

Phone 0803 634 6533