From Glory to Greater Glory

Men Fellowship like any other ministry in Doxa Global Gospel Centre is a platform for members to serve the Lord Jesus and to fulfil their callings and divine assignments in a sub group within the church system.

The role of a man in the family and the church is clearly stated in the bible- to be the head. Our men fellowship focuses mainly on building the men with the word of God to be able to fulfil their leadership roles to their families, church and the entire society. In addition, the fellowship also creates an avenue for men to;

• Be challenged to grow deeper in the spirit and become emotionally stable and intellectually reliable for a glorious family and the community.
• Stay sexually pure.
• Learn how to be consistent and to be actively involved in ensuring that their families and others in their circles of influence have personal relationships with Jesus.
• Learn how to relate and unite with other men within the church.

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Sunday10.30am – 1.00pm

Wednesday5.00pm – 7.00pm


Address Winston Chufrchill Street, Abuja

Phone 0803 634 6533