This ministry arm of DGGC is designed to reach the public with information through various platforms like the social media, television, radio and print broadcasting. The mass media has a great influence on our day to day lives. Today, everything we do and say is directly or indirectly influenced by what is on the social media. This is so because unlike in the past when information had to be sought after, today it is readily at our finger tips, at the click of a button.  It is difficult if not near impossible to control information getting to people but, we can influence what information gets to them. DGGC’s Media and Publication Ministry has the mandate to use present day and future technology to propagate the right, relevant and timely information about the church and the Gospel of our Jesus Christ to the people.

Through this ministry, the church can effectively reach a good number of people that may not be physically living within the geographical location of the church with the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ and in addition it is focuses on the following;


On a daily basis, we need to continually feed our spirits with the word of God. The more we read it, hear it or see it as the case may be, the more we find our lives and characters being formed by the word. Through the ministry, the teachings from the pulpit can be further expanded and broken down for members of the congregation throughout the week. This information will serve as evangelistic materials for members who already have existing platforms with an array of followers that will also benefit from the word.


The Ministry shall use social media to create platforms that the Pastor can use to share his deep thoughts with members and get them to better understand his vision. This way the members of the church will also can ask questions and also share their thoughts on matters relating to the church, their duties as members of the body and the society at large.

Create an interactive counselling room with members

Groups created on the social media can reach out to those hurting, broken, in need of healing, friendship etc. The church would use this as an avenue to reach out to her members in all sincerity and through prayer and quick responses meet people at the point of their needs.


The ministry takes advantage of reaching out to the public via the social media. Today, almost all people of acceptable age have access to the social media. This makes it easy to pass across messages of programmes and events of the church.

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