This ministry arm of DGGC focusses on building and strengthening practical and exiting marriages in the church that will proclaim and reflect the gospel to the society and become a model for the entire society. We believed that a great and exiting marriage is possible and that is the kind of marriage that Jesus instituted between a man and the woman and the church and Christ. Children raised in this kind of marriage will impact positively in the society and bring glory to the name of the Lord. A united, loved and peaceful family built on this premise will build a stronger and united church, community and the world in general.

DGGC Marriage and Counselling Ministry is headed by a Director. The effective counselling programmes cover the following areas;

  • Pre-Marital Counselling: Major focus here is targeted at couples intending to get married to help them ensure a marriage that last and thrives for a lifetime.
  • Marital Counselling: The focus here are married couples to enrich marriages and further strengthen the pre-marital counselling now that they are married and are possibly facing the challenges of staying together.
  • Single Parents/Widows/widowers: single parenthood resulting from demised of a partner or separation of partners often results in leaving a single parent to be spiritually hungry because of both emotional, physical and financial pressure they faced. This counselling ministered scriptural solution to such needs. This include among others welcoming Single- Parents families into all aspect of the church life.If you are in need of marriage counselling, please complete the form brelow to contact our counsellors who are always on standy to rescue failing marriages.

If you are in need of marriage counselling, please complete the form below to contact our marriage counselling team, who are always on standy to rescue marriages in difficulty.

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