Fellowship is a very important and central ministry to DGGC’s effective growth and development programme. It is the ministry arm of the church that crate the platform for every member of the church to integrate into the larger church through engagement in a smaller unit grouping within the church organization. Fellowship Groups are the primary places where members get to each other better in the church. God designed His Church to be a Fellowship—not just a large community, but a family of brothers and sisters who share God’s ideals and beliefs (Ephesians 2:19-22).

DGGC’s Fellowship Groups are;

  1. Men Fellowship.
  2. Women Fellowship.
  3. Youth Fellowship.
  4. Teen Fellowship.
  5. Children Fellowship.
  6. Professionals Fellowship.
  7. Business Men Fellowship.

The church encourages every member to belong to at least one of the fellowship groups. This is where you can actually register, be recognized and function as a member of the church. Joining a Fellowship Group gives one an opportunity to be part of the church community that will grow together in Christ as they serve the Lord. Also, at the Fellowship Group we love, care and encourage one another.

It is expected that each member of the Fellowship Group should be committed to the group in the following ways:

  • Attendance and Presence – your presence in all the meetings and engagements of your fellowship is very important and should be a top priority in your diary. We realise that business trips and emergency situations are unavoidable, but belonging to a Fellowship Group means being there when it meets.
  • Participation – your participation is required and it is very relevant for the effectiveness of the group. The bible teaches In 1 Corinthians 12 that the church is like a human body. It only grows when every part is doing its bit. This means we have responsibilities towards each other as believers. Belonging to a Fellowship Group means sharing our lives with others through encouragement, care, support, service and the use of our gifts. It also means actively working to help others grow to be more like Jesus.
  • Prayer – One of the key ways we can serve each other is through prayer, because it’s through our prayers that God does his work. Belonging to a Fellowship Group means praying regularly for the members of the group.

A Fellowship Group serves four purposes:

  • A place to experience community
  • A way for newcomers to join the church
  • A place to grow in relationship with God
  • An effective means of church growth