Connect with an Evangelist at DGGC

DGGC’s Evangelism and Reach out Ministry arm is centred on soul winning for the kingdom. It starts by teaching members how to embark on soul winning in love, patience and tolerance. The Ministry shall seize every available opportunity to evangelize from door to door, house to house, street to street with tracks or other form of targeted witnessing with intension of winning souls.

Reach out is going a step forward to extend a hand of fellowship by meeting the immediate and specific needs of the people we intend to win over and to minister the love God to them. As we give them Jesus we add shelter, foods and clothing to it. The Ministry empowers people to start business, encourage them to go school etc. our interests group in this arm of the ministry are the widows, orphans, less privilege, stigmatized and the inner city (rural areas), giving them hope, health, good living environment, portable water, decent homes, food and clothing.

As we point people to Christ, we extend a hand of lifting as well.

To join our evangelism team and spead the word of God, please complete the form below and we will contact you as soon as possible.