Capacity Building in DGGC

Capacity Building ministry arm of DGGC handles the training need of the ministers, church workers/volunteers and the members in general.

The ministry acknowledges that God created every human being to fulfil a specific goal or purpose. To do so, God endowed every one of us with special natural capabilities and skills that when it is properly cultivated and developed, it can help the person to be fulfilled in life. Capacity building ministry seeks to help individuals to identify their God’s pre destination in life and to encourage them to go in the direction that will lead them to fulfil such destiny.

In addition, the ministry also focuses on ways to create platforms for individuals in the church and the society who have discovered their gifts and talents to be able to express them for self-benefits and the society at large.

The ministry also worked in partnership with other organizations and individuals to sponsor faith based vocational and theological training/ skill acquisition scheme for individuals that have identified their gifted area in life and are seeking to advance and develop relevant skills to properly function in such areas in life.