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Doxa Global Gospel Centre, DGGC a.k.a The House of Glory is a church commissioned by a divine mandate delivered to the founder Pastor Emmanuel Nanman Ishaya to take the glory of God to the nations of the world. The church has a global vision with the mission headquarters located in Abuja, Nigeria pastored by Pastors Emmanuel and Lorinda Ishaya..

‘Doxa’ is a greek word translated ‘Glory’ in English. This is the watch word in the ministry because the instruction/message given to the founder is to take the manifestation of the glory of God to every part of the world. So changing lives and destinies of the malevolent world from glory to greater glory is the task the church has been witnessing since it was established in 2015.

The tangible presence of God is eminent and of great priority to us, hence our dynamic and electrifying worship/praise team and the entire assembly usher the presence of God in every of our meetings, manifesting great testimonies of salvation, healing and restoration of destinies, relationships and dignities.


We believe the entire Holy Bible is the only valid documented word of God and the practicability of the promises and instructions.


In the year 2000 I had a divine encounter in my dream. In the dream three personalities appeared to me and were writing in the cloud. I tried to read what they were writing but could not. However I was attracted to these heavenly beings that seemed to be gliding in the sky.

The confidence, beauty and glory they exuded were to me things out of this world because I had not seen such anywhere. And that got my attention and I determined to read what they could be writing. Even though I could not read what they wrote because the inscriptions were not familiar, I heard a voice say to me “take this glory to my people.” This is an encounter that never left me. I had always wanted to know what the writing was about.

However, about one year after this encounter, in September 2001 when I was in Lagos for a ministry event (SHILOH 2001), again I had a second encounter with the same heavenly beings appearing to me. By then I was able to identify them because my previous encounter was so awesome that the memory was alive in me. That time they flew around holding a banner with inscriptions again that were not clear to me. And for the second time they said to me “take this glory to my people.” As I woke I understood it was not an ordinary “dream” and I have referred to it as “Divine encounter” since then. .

Vision Explained

After the two encounters, I prayed often for understanding and direction. Sensing that I have a Devine calling I enrolled into full time bible school (The Word of Faith Bible Institute). On our graduation day we were encouraged to ask God for a specific direction and I did. As the Bishop David Abioye laid his hands on me for impartation, I saw number 8. So I took it for serving in LFC for 8 years before starting my assignment. However the question remained, what is the “glory” and who are the “people “? Over the years I prayed and searched the scriptures for these to be defined. I got the understanding that Jesus Christ is the express glory of God and receiving Him is receiving the glory Col. 1:27. I also understood that by looking continually into the word of God, a believer’s life is transformed by the Holy Spirit into a life of glory 2Cor. 3:18. I also understood that my assignment is to participate in fulfilling the prophecies in Habk 2:14 and Num14:21. Therefore the assignment is:.


Vision Statement

Vision Statement;
Taking the glory of God to the world.

To win the ailing world (malevolent world) into the kingdom of God by repositioning the church to receive and manifest the express glory of God: JESUS CHRIST OUR LORD. Heb1:3, Col1:27, 2Cor3:18

Knowing that I had a ministry but needed to wait for more training, I started lay pastoring. (I actually mentioned my dream and vision to the pastor I was serving under). Sometime in 2013, I was in Abuja and I saw in a vision that I was on a mountain top and a great number of sheep were coming to me and they would not leave as long as I remained on the mountain. I knew this had to do with ministry and I started praying and waiting on God for insight into the vision.

From Glory to Greater Glory

Family oriented Gospel Centre

At Doxa Global Gospel Centre, we meet together as family of God, eat together as children og God, pray together as one family, and praise God together as one congression. We share our joy and sorrow as we seek to live out what God has called us to do day by day. None of us is perfect, but God is moving in our lives, and we seek to learn how to be more like Jesus, the one who gave his life for us..


Church Congregation


Our Leaders


Testimonies through god’s work at dggc

Manifestation of the sons of God is simply the manifestation of the Holy Spirit, and the Holy Spirit can manifest only in the atmosphere of unity. Acts 2:1-4. As an assembly, as a family, in our marriages, in our relationships we must operate in peace and unity..

Brother Bapimap

I came to Abuja in 2015 with nothing to show, I was always struggling to meet up with life challenges. Another very disturbing issue that was always on my mind was the possibility of getting married, as I was long overdue for it. Supernatural turn-around came, when the man of God, Pastor Emmanuel Ishaya gave us the prophecies for the year 2016 and admonished us to keep praying them, confessing them and claim them by faith.

I wholeheartedly followed the man of God’s instructions as I kept praying and confessing them. By so doing, God opened up many business opportunities for me, as hundreds of thousands started pouring into my account, status began to upgrade and other good things started coming to me that are too numerous to mention. To cut the matter short, in 2016, God blessed me financially.

I got my own apartment and I also got married to my beautiful wife within the same period. The God of Doxa has blessed me tremendously and I am completely transformed. To God be the glory.

Joshua Vongkat

My name is bro Joshua Vongkat Samuel. I joined this commission since inception in 2015. Before then I was so discouraged in life because nothing seemed to be working for me. In one of the services Pastor spoke to me directly and assured me that God would soon turn things in my favour and that I would be returning to school. I had completed my secondary education since 2014 but could not further because of my poor result.

To the glory of God today I have made up my requirement for admission both SSCE and JAMB and at the moment I am awaiting admission into the university. This was an impossible dream. Today I am completely transformed and free from habits and youthful vices I was indulged in. Glory to God I am now an example to my peer group.

Sister Suzanna

• I went to Gombe for my boss’ child’s wedding. While there, I noticed that there was draught, so I took a fast and told God That I would not eat or drink until it rained because the people were suffering. Before I left I told Pastor my intention to travel and he prayed with me and declared that whatever I desired God would give it to me. So, while the wedding was on I was waiting and believing it would rain. Glory to God, at the end of the day, it rained heavily, it can only be God. My prayer was answered, praise God.

Come and be part of the family

We warmly welcome you to come and worship with us at No.7 Winston Churchill Street, Asokoro, Abuja.