Prophetic Declaration 2017




Rom 8:18-19 “For I know with certainty that the sufferings of this present time are not worthy to be compared with the coming glory which shall be MANIFESTED in us. For the earnest hope of the creatures waits for the MANIFESTATION OF THE SONS OF GOD”.
Welcome to 2017, the year of THE MANIFESTATION OF THE SONS OF GOD. All over the bible, different significant manifestations of the children of God are recorded and in particular, the Acts of the Apostles sets the pathway for the order of manifestations for the New Testament church. As part of the New Testament church today, God is saying to us as an assembly that now is the set time for us to witness remarkable, extraordinary exploits in every aspect of life.

Whenever the children of God manifest in the bible, lives are touched and changed in such a way that difficult and ‘impossible’ situations, challenges and circumstances are supernaturally transformed for the better. In Acts 3:1-10 Peter and John manifested by lifting and commanding a certain lame man who had not walked since he was born, to rise up and walk in the name of Jesus. The man responded and was able to stand and walk instantly. All the people that had given up on him ever walking were stunned and amazed at what happened. This is what manifestation is all about –expressing the gift of God in one’s life for the betterment of the lives of others and the situations around them.

Notice in verse 6, Peter said to the lame man “…………but I will give you what I do have.” This is the point, this year right inside you God has placed what it takes to solve the challenges in your life, in your city, in your nation and in the world around you. Yes! That is what God is saying to us! We are the solution and the world is waiting for our manifestation. So then, like Peter, we shall look at the problems and issues and address them in the name of Jesus and the people around us shall be leaping for joy and the name of Jesus shall be glorified. Halleluiah!
It is time for the sons of God to manifest.

One of the Greek words for manifestation is PHANEROO meaning to plainly recognise, or to thoroughly understand who or what one is. You see, you may have been ignored and neglected because nothing much has happened in your life to show the gift of the Spirit in you. Like Peter and John, until the healing of the lame man, they were mere uneducated and obscure followers of Jesus. However, keeping company with Jesus empowered them to manifest the healing of the lame man to the entire city. Even the educated opposing leaders confessed that indeed the miracle is notable and they cannot deny. One manifestation brought them out of obscurity, they became famous and many people in the city glorified God. That shall be our testimony in Jesus’ name.

In this year of THE MANIFESTATION OF THE SONS OF GOD I prophecy to this assembly:

  1. At the set time divinely appointed within the year, your long awaited dream and vision shall be fulfilled in Jesus name. Gen18:14
  2. Because it is your season of manifestation, God is giving you national, international and global platform that will take you round the globe.
  3. Enough is enough; by divine manifestation, protocols shall be broken and bypassed to bring you out of long and continuous challenges in your life. John5:1-9.
  4. The Lord shall silence those despising and mocking you with a miracle of breakthrough that is on a global scale. 1Sam1:6-7.
  5. You have come to the end of the tunnel constraining and hiding your gift. Now, there is light and room enough for you to manifest the hand of God upon your life.
  6. Whatever furnace; painful experience the enemy programmed for you as a result of your commitment to God and His kingdom, I see God showing up in the situation for your escape in Jesus name. Dan3:1-25.


  1. “………………: yea, the FAITH which is by him hath given him his perfect soundness in the presence of you all” Act3:16. FAITH is a Watch word if manifestation is desired. Faith is simply the response of the human spirit to the leading of the Holy Spirit. Actually, Peter and John would have walked pass the lame man like others but they believed God for a miracle. We must have faith in God for the Impossible, unavailable and restricted. It is not by power or might but by the Spirit.
  2. AVOID EXCUSES AND PROCRASTINATION: Excuses are nothing but satanic tools that build the cage of stagnation. Whenever the devil tells you to postpone taking a step today for tomorrow, just remember that there is another tomorrow by tomorrow. So let’s get down to work and do what ought to be done today. Prompt obedience is a watch word. Ish1:19.
  3. UNITY: Manifestation of the sons of God is simply the manifestation of the Holy Spirit, and the Holy Spirit can manifest only in the atmosphere of unity. Acts 2:1-4. As an assembly, as a family, in our marriages, in our relationships we must operate in peace and unity.
  4. SONS OF GOD: we are manifesting because we are the children of God. It takes righteousness and holiness to maintain constant fellowship with God. Remain a child of God, leave sin alone and embrace God. 1 John 3:7-8.
  5. LIGHT AND INSIGHT: Light manifestation is the true character of everything because light makes everything easy to see. The word of God is the light. Go for the word. Let the study of the word of God be a constant and daily endeavour. Eph5:13-14.


Senior Pastor


I came to Abuja in 2015 with nothing to show, I was always struggling to meet up with life challenges. Another very disturbing issue that was always on my mind was the possibility of getting married, as I was long overdue for it. Supernatural turn-around came, when the man of God, Pastor Emmanuel Ishaya gave us the prophecies for the year 2016 and admonished us to keep praying them, confessing them and claim them by faith. I wholeheartedly followed the man of God’s instructions as I kept praying and confessing them. By so doing, God opened up many business opportunities for me, as hundreds of thousands started pouring into my account, status began to upgrade and other good things started coming to me that are too numerous to mention. To cut the matter short, in 2016, God blessed me financially. I got my own apartment and I also got married to my beautiful wife within the same period. The God of Doxa has blessed me tremendously and I am completely transformed. To God be the glory. Bro. BAPIMAP

My name is bro Joshua Vongkat I joined this commission since inception in 2015. Before then I was so discouraged in life because nothing seemed to be working for me. In one of the services Pastor spoke to me directly and assured me that God would soon turn things in my favour and that I would be returning to school. I had completed my secondary education since 2014 but could not further because of my poor result. To the glory of God today I have made up my requirement for admission both SSCE and JAMB and at the moment I am awaiting admission into the university. This was an impossible dream. Today I am completely transformed and free from habits and youthful vices I was indulged in. Glory to God I am now an example to my peer group.

I went to Gombe for my boss’ child’s wedding. While there, I noticed that there was draught, so I took a fast and told God That I would not eat or drink until it rained because the people were suffering. Before I left I told Pastor my intention to travel and he prayed with me and declared that whatever I desired God would give it to me. So, while the wedding was on I was waiting and believing it would rain. Glory to God, at the end of the day, it rained heavily, it can only be God. My prayer was answered, praise God. Sis Suzanna